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Ok so the new fall season has started, here is my overall impression of the new line-up, what I watch and my ratings of all the new premires.

The Simpsons.  20 years later and they still got it!  B+

How I met your mother- Always ALWAYS good for a laugh, soild and strong comedic writing.  Why can't all shows be this good?  A

Chuck- It was potential, but if the vision isn't clear, it  could go Horribly wrong quickly.  B-

Heroes- Stop bringing in all the extra characters or start killing off the old ones.  There's a few I would like to see killed off.( Niki, Jessica, DL, Matt, and even Mohinder if he doesn't start doing something)  I'm glad to see that Hiro's friend has been added in as a regular on the show.  Hiro and Claire always have the best plots.  B+

Bones-  Oh Doctor Brennan, how will you ever adjust to real life without your trusty squints to help you out?  Still a fun show.  But by far the weakest of all my TV viewing B-

Reaper-  I am Kevin Smith bitch, anyone from New Jersey who reads comics and makes contant pop culture and literary reference I love.  Kevin I've loved you since Clerks.   Reaper is AMAZING.  Like a lot of the other shows on the CW, supernatural, young twenties comedy and drama.  OH so much fun.  Any show where you have to suck demons up with a dirt devil is worth the hour of my life and the space on my DVR.  Seriously, everyone MUST watch this show.    A+

My name is Earl- Comedy with a white trash, heart warming twist.  Good for a smile.  B+

The Office- as always Michael Scott makes the show lose it's funny, but the people's reactions to Michael is what makes it priceless.  Jim and Pam.  YAY.  Oh Dwight how could you kill Angela's cat?  WHY? HOW?  And where did you come up with the nick name Monkey?  A-

I am still waiting for Pushing Daisy which wil start next week.   It's been a long rough summer with only Doctor Who to keep me company.  Thank you New TV season, THANK YOU for restoring meaning to my life.


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Oct. 2nd, 2007 06:05 am (UTC)
The Simpsons never fail to get me laughing, if only all shows could keep their groove for as long as The Simpsons have! & YAY for How I Met Your Mother, I can't wait 'til that starts over here again
Oct. 2nd, 2007 01:05 pm (UTC)
The Simpsons is a wonderful show. HIMYM is amazing. Always good for a laugh, a great and wonderful laugh. I didn't know it was over in your country, that's really cool
Oct. 3rd, 2007 01:49 am (UTC)
I have fallen in love with HIMYM, especially Barney & I'm just dying to see the new season. They're giving us all the big shows like a week after they come back for you guys so House, Heros, Prison Break & all that are back on but no news about HIMYM yet...I hope they haven't cancelled it
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